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Our response to COVID-19

As the global pandemic was declared in March, the final session of NLP for Cohort 7 was postponed.  Information about the next steps will be shared directly with program participants.  

As we begin planning for Cohort 8, several measures will be taken to ensure the safety of the program participants and facilitators while maintaining the highest quality program delivery.

  • Building networks remains a critical component of the program delivery and some in-person facilitated learning will continue to take place.  These activities will observe all public health advice regarding face covering and physical distancing.  Final measures for each in-person session will be based on public health advice.

  • A substantial portion of the program will be shifted and adapted for online delivery, including shorter delivery times and increased frequency.  A schedule and access information will be provided to program participants.

As new information about COVID-19 is known, the Northern Leadership Program will continue to adapt to ensure all individuals are kept safe.

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