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The programs we offer provide unique experiences for leaders and future leaders in Northern Ontario.  We use proven techniques for developing practical leadership skills that can be implemented immediately in the workplace while creating deep networks of leaders in the North.

Formal and Action Learning

NLP combines regular formal learning sessions delivered by subject matter experts with participatory activities that provide leaders with the opportunity to practice new skills in a safe environment. 


Personal Assessments

At the beginning of the program, participants complete several assessments designed to identify leadership potential. The goal is to build on individual strengths and devise strategies to minimize weaknesses.   

Executive Coaching  

Each participant is provided time with a certified executive coach to interpret personal assessments, develop an individual development plan, and incorporate the content that is learned throughout the program.


Program participants are paired with a community leader to expand their thinking and learn from those with leadership experience. This exposure gives them new perspectives on developing strengths and overcoming weaknesses, while also providing important guidance on professional development and advancement.

Peer Networks

One of the most powerful aspects of these programs is the opportunity to learn from peers and build a solid network that benefits all participating organizations. Past participants continue to see long-term benefits from their extended network that include new partnership developments, cross-training between organizations and continued peer support for challenging situations.  

Positive Impact

A recent evaluation of the Northern Leadership demonstrated the following positive impacts

Northern Leadership Program graduates receive a non-degree certificate from Laurentian University.

High Participant Reaction

Participants indicated increased confidence in their ability to lead teams and get results.

Positive Behaviour Change

Participants said they were able to implement what they learned immediately and their managers observed positive changes in performance

Improved Business Results

Organizational leaders noted improved business results in such areas as increased employee satisfaction and retention,  as well as better productivity and customer service

Peer Networks

Participants said they developed long lasting networks of peers that continue to benefit their careers and daily leadership activities, which benefited individuals and organizations.

The Northern Leadership Program qualifies for the Canada-Ontario Job Grant

The Northern Leadership Program qualifies for the Canada-Ontario Job Grant for employers. You could be funded up to 70% of the program cost.

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