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The Northern Leadership Program competency model identifies the knowledge, skills and abilities of the "whole leader".  


We’ve seen the headlines “People don’t quit companies, they quit bosses” and Randstad says that about 60% of workers they surveyed have quit or are planning to quit because of their direct supervisor.


The Northern Leadership Program teaches participants to be the kind of leader that people don’t quit.

This one-year, transformational experience combines leadership training, community engagement, executive coaching, individual leadership assessments, mentorship and action learning through peer group projects. Not only do participants learn from experts – they learn from each other.  Participants are from both the public and private sectors in Northern Ontario from industries including mining, social services, government and education.

Program Architecture

Formal and Action Learning

Throughout the one-year program, a series of formal training sessions focus on specific leadership issues are facilitated by subject matter experts.  


In addition to the formal program, Fellows work on peer projects, which allows them to apply new knowledge in real-life situations, add depth to the learning, and benefit from the experiences of different people and workplaces.


Early in the program, Fellows undertake several diagnostics including 360-degree feedback from their home organizations, leadership capacity and areas of opportunity.  These comprehensive diagnostics help Fellows identify their personal leadership styles, their strengths and weaknesses and their opportunities to grow into exceptional leaders.


Individual Development Plans

Using the diagnostic tools, each Fellow creates an Individual Development Plan (IDP) that will be the focus of their year-long development process.  We encourage each Fellow to include their managers in this process to increase their ability to apply their learning immediately.

Executive Coaching

Each fellow is provided with a certified Executive Coach for the duration of the program.  The coach uses the diagnostic results and the IDPs to help the Fellows integrate and reflect on all aspects of the NLP and their personal leadership development.


Fellows are encouraged to connect with a senior leader from their community to form a mentoring relationship. The focus is on providing introductions within the community and transferring wisdom to emerging leaders. 

Peer Networks

One of the most powerful benefits of the Northern Leadership Program has been the creation of long-lasting peer relationships between diverse organizations.  In addition to building their individual capacity as leaders through learning from content experts, they learn from situations their peers have experienced.  


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