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Program Description:


Rising Leaders is an intensive eight-month long program that will require an investment from both the participant and their sponsoring employer in terms of monetary, time and interest. Through experiential learning paired with a mentorship program, group assignments and a community-based project, participants will explore their talents and skills and develop a network of colleagues and connections. This program will provide participants with an opportunity to learn the skills that are simply not taught in schools.


Acceptance into the program is reliant on the commitment to complete the following tasks:

  • Attend the 8 in class sessions.

  • Complete the group assignments

  • Work with a mentor

  • Complete a component of a community based project


Program Components


In Class Workshops


These in class sessions will take participants through an experiential learning experience that will provide them with the opportunity to learn new skills and/or harness current skills and talents. They will apply their skills to various activities, learning about themselves and their peers in an environment that is supportive and encouraging.

In class sessions will include various topics and activities including: a discussion panel with an opportunity to learn from various experts in the community; a think tank session where participants are positioned as the experts and share their insights to solve challenges by working together; expert facilitator lead workshops and opportunities to network and connect with peers.

Community Project


The community project will work in partnership with a local non-profit organization to identify a need in the community. A curriculum is built based on the perceived need and participants will have an opportunity to learn and apply their skills through experiential learning to help contribute to the community at large.

The project will build on concepts that are taught within the program, and participants will have roles and responsibilities in completing tasks to implement the project.




The mentorship program is designed to work with Alumni from the Northern Leadership Program to pair with participants in the Rising Leaders Program. The mentorship relationship will be paired with a curriculum that will help connect a mentor and mentee and provide support for each in building a successful relationship.

The mentor will help guide the mentee along the 8-month journey.


Group Collaboration and Assignments


The assignments will be based on content within the program. Participants will be separated into groups and provided with instructions on how to collaborate on short group assignments. These assignments will consist of about 5 hours per month of dedication.


Program Schedule

In Class Workshop Schedule

Day One: Creating Yourself and Your Environment

Day Two: Emotional Intelligence for Workplaces

Day three: Creating Your Definition of Leadership

Day Four: Leadership Communications & Presenting with Conviction and Confidence

Day Five: Old Beliefs New Beliefs

Day Six: Creating Harmony and Collaborative Environments

Day Seven: How to excel amongst barriers and road blocks.

Day Eight: Wrapping Up

Graduation Ceremony

Program Costs


The eight month long program is $8,000 plus HST per participant.


Employers seeking to ease program costs can apply for the Canada-Ontario Job Grant (COJG). The grant provides direct financial support to employers who wish to purchase training for their employees.


Canada-Ontario Job Grant (COJG) Website:

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